Focus At Camp Ziad

Designed for students (Boys and Girls) that are rising 8th graders to 12th graders that have the ambition of making or continue to develop skills for High School Varsity Soccer.

The program is geared to players that do not play for a major soccer club and therefore do not receive training beyond the middle school years. Each player will receive a survey to determine his/her goals for development. The Ziad Varsity Program will develop a plan to help develop the skills to aid his/her goal of making his/her High School Varsity Soccer team. The program includes both fitness and soccer skill training.


Week 2 (June 7, 9, and 11):

Ziad Varsity Training Program

Location: Presbyterian School Outdoor Campus

Time: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:30am – 10:30pm

Fitness and Soccer Training


St Johns School – Randall Field

3408 W Alabama St

Houston, TX 77027