Why ZSA Competitive Program?

Fall - Mid August thru Mid December (16 weeks)
Spring - Mid January thru Mid May (16 weeks)

Unlike other soccer clubs in the Houston area, ZSA Competitive Program does not require a year-round commitment. It encourages your athlete to play multiple sports and other enrichment activities such as academic excellence, music, and other interests. A multiple-sport player and well-rounded individual will learn to manage their time better and prioritize what is most important.

ZSA Competitive Program is aimed at the player who wants to compete at a high level and play against other Houston area soccer teams. ZSA competitive teams (U11 – U16) will compete in the Texas Youth Super Liga (TYSL) starting in the Fall of 2022. ZSA Competitive U10 teams will continue to compete in the Rise Desire League. ZSA decided to compete in these leagues for two reasons: 1) Location and Fields; and 2) Friendly Competition. Rise Desire League is located nearby at McGovern Fields and South Campus. TYSL is located at the British International School or other nearby location. Both leagues encourage sportsmanship and are strict on the types of teams and clubs that play. All games are on Saturdays.

ZSA Coaches will work on both individual and team skills utilizing the Pass and Move approach of Coach Ziad Allan. Pass and Move is a soccer philosophy centered on the skills necessary for an individual and a team to maintain possession. Pass and Move focus on how you think and what you do while you have the ball and how you think and move without the ball.

ZSA designs its competitive program differently than other clubs. Instead of practicing with just one team, a ZSA player practices within an age group with various players from other ZSA teams developing the ability to play with others while making more friends and connections. ZSA also rotates its coaches to ensure that the player receives instruction, training, and evaluation from multiple points of view.

The ZSA Competitive Programs starts at U11 for both Boys and Girls.

ZSA U10 Competitive Hybrid Program:

ZSA U10 Competitive is a hybrid program bridging ZSA Recreational Program to ZSA Competitive. ZSA Competitive U10 Teams will continue to compete in a local league (Rise Desire League) at its highest level but will start to train at a more intense level with three practices a week (more than double the practice time at the ZSA Recreational level) and wearing the ZSA Adidas 2022 uniform kit.

ZSA U11-U17 Competitive Program:

ZSA Competitive competes in TYSL starting at U11 through U17 and requires more travel as games are throughout the Houston area and no longer are at a local level. Fees will increase from U10 Hybrid Program to the U11-U17 Competitive Program to cover the additional cost of league, tournaments, and required player cards.

ZSA Competitive program is designed to instill the game’s love and develop characteristics such as respect, discipline, and leadership.


Birth Years:

2012 (U11) to 2006 (U17)

Current Teams:

U11 Boys and U11 Girls (2012)
U12 Boys and U12 Girls (2011)
U13 Boys (2010)
U14 Girls (2009/2010)
U15 Boys (2008/2009)

ZSA Fall Season 2023

Starts Monday July 31st, 2023 til Sunday, December 17th, 2023

Competitive team practice

Monday’s & Wednesday’s 6 pm – 7:30 pm

Sunday’s 5 pm – 7 pm


Games will start in mid- August and till mid- December. U11-U15 Competitive teams will enter into tournaments.

Tournaments (Fees included in Registration):

Competitive soccer training program for kids ages 8-15, led by Ziad Allan, and his dedicated team of coaches.

Competitive Programs play in Houston area leagues (TYSL and Rise Desire).

We train and play to win, but our focus is on character development.

Play Hard, and Stay Humble.


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